QC-Caution Forklift Crossing Floor Sign - 17" x 19.47" Triangle

MPN: QC-FS-008

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Quality Choice 17" x 19.47" Triangle Caution Forklift Crossing Floor Sign. Highly visible with self-adhesive. Made to notify about restrictions or potential dangers.

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MPN: QC-FS-008
Our Quality Choice Floor Signs are a highly visible, self-adhesive warehouse floor sign, made to notify staff and guests about restrictions or potential dangers. Constructed from a hard wearing, durable plastic that will withstand foot and forklift traffic, with a strong adhesive base applied to ensure that after application, they will hold fast and only be removed when you want them to be. Our warehouse floor markers can be used in various areas, and not only applied to floors, they can be applied to various walls and doors too if necessary, to make sure they are in the best view to notify your staff and guests. Various designs of our floor safety signs are suitable to apply in warehouse aisles to warn of foot or vehicle traffic, or in doorways to notify of restrictions when entering certain areas.