Chimboo *FREE* Inventory & Asset Management Software


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Free Online Inventory & Asset Tracking Software. Use completely online or combine with Chimboo compatible scanners for a complete management solution.

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Smart Online Inventory Tracking - Innovative Solution

FREE Cloud based inventory/asset tracking software. Managing your business has never been easier. Click to Register Now!!

1. Single Screen Control Center/Dashboard:
  • Easy to use with transactions, charts & graphics.
  • Add products, locations, & vendors easily.
  • Simple Import/Export capability.

2. Muliple Locations:
  • Print product and location labels with barcodes.
  • Allows for different warehouse locations.
  • Configure aisles, racks, shelves & more...

3. Re-Order Suggestions:
  • Live inventory counts.
  • Live location counts.
  • Full accounting reports.

4. Quicker Inventory/Asset Audits:
  • Manage & view all transactions.
  • Physical inventory variance reports.
  • Import or export from variable sources.

5. Separate Corporate Data:
  • Admin operator control.
  • Configure user controls.
  • Configure user activities.